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About Us

Learn Why We Started Our Daycare

Our STEAM Focused Pre-School

As the only STEAM education daycare in Calgary, we believe in providing your children with every chance to excel. By incorporating an early yet fun introduction into science, technology, engineering, arts, and math, we’ll give your children the tools they need for continued success as they grow.


With Science Matters, we believe learning can take place both inside the daycare and out. That’s why we will be building a CedarWorks playground that will help develop behavioural abilities, physical ability, agility, and sensory skills. Inside our Calgary daycare, the toys will be made of wood, cloth, and/or metal, and most will be German made.

Kindergarten building a rocket
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Our staff members are highly trained and follow the five principles of healthy child development. Research has shown these principles are essential for quality programs. The five principles are:

  • A Caring Adult,
  • The opportunity to make Friends,
  • An opportunity to Play,
  • The opportunity to Master Skills and
  • An opportunity to Participate.

Our teachers will also attend the annual SAPTA (Southern Alberta Preschool Teachers Association) conference held for early childhood educators. By attending this conference, we will ensure our programs are kept up-to-date on the latest industry regulations and standards.

Science Matters will be operated in partnership with the I’m For Kids Team. The government-funded organization provides one-on-one care by certified educators to children with developmental delays and children with ESL (English as a second language) needs.

The daycare program materials we will use include Kumon, Scholastics, DK, Brain Quest, and Carson-Dellosa workbooks for phonics and early printing.

Open Communication

When you send your children to daycare, you want to know they are receiving the benefits you signed them up for. At Science Matters, we believe in having open lines of communication with our parents. Once a week, we will email parents to let them know what their child is currently working on. The email will include what stories we are reading and the STEAM activities of the week. Twice a year, we offer the opportunity for parents to get together with the teachers and discuss their child’s progress.

In addition to the weekly email and teacher’s conferences, we also have a WhatsApp group for parent communication. Once connected, parents will be able to view pictures, receive important information, and communicate absences with the teachers.

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