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Daycare Program

STEAM-Focused Approach To Promote Critical Thinkers & Problem Solvers

About Our Daycare


Creating a love for lifelong learning, along with useable, relevant skills at an early age, is one of the reasons we started our Calgary daycare. Given the right tools, it’s amazing what little minds can accomplish. There are numerous articles on the benefits of STEM/STEAM learning. STEAM is a way of educating that we have long followed, first in our day home and now at our Science Matters Daycare.

We will incorporate STEAM activities, both indoor and outdoor every single day during free play and structured play. Additionally, the kids will have free play time using loose parts where they can let their imagination take over.

Reading book at preschool
Group of preschool kids


Our daycare program is geared for children ages 2.5 years to 5 years old. Unlike many Calgary daycares, we do not require a registration fee. Science Matters Daycare is open to anyone interested in it, no matter where you live in the city.  Note, we currently have limited capacity as we’re in the final stages of licensing, please contact us for more information.

Classes run Monday to Friday from 6:30 AM till 6:00 PM.  Parents have the option of choosing from 2 to 5 days per week.


Every day the kids can expect to learn something new based on that month’s theme. In October, for example, it could be a theme about fall. April’s theme might focus on spring, with daily activities spent learning on things like bees and pollination.

Water color painting with autumn leaves paint kindergarten


Children that attend class in the morning or for a full day have the option to participate in our lunch program.  Healthy lunches and snacks will be delivered daily through The Lunch Lady.

The daily cost for a hot and healthy lunch is $4.50 while the cost for two snacks and a lunch is $5.75.  Orders must be made a month in advance through Science Matters.

Our Philosophy & Daycare Fees

Early childhood education can set the foundation as a child grows. In fact, learning through play is one of the most effective ways for young children to learn. Using play as a way to teach makes it fun and engaging for the child.

Even from a young age, simple games like peek-a-boo, sorting, and knocking over blocks or even fitting shapes into a cut-out help develop motor skills and problem-solving abilities. Roughly 80% of brain development is completed by age three, and by age five, that number reaches 90%. This is why it’s important to begin setting the foundation before your child even starts Kindergarten.

Office supplies mangifier


  • Full Day: 6:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.


  • 1 day/week: $240/month
  • 2 days/week: $480/month
  • 3 days/week: $720/month
  • 4 days/week: $960/month
  • 5 days/week: $1200/month
Our fee includes all materials. There is no registration or material fee charged at any time. If you chose to pay for a full year in advance, you will save 10% off the total.

Special Events & In-School Trips

Several times a year, the kids will take part in special in-school trips where they will get to know more about agriculture, science, technology, and more. The trips will include visits from:

Our in-school programming also includes options through the Royal Tyrrell Museum (Dino Safari) and visits from Calgary first responders. Each year we also host a Halloween party with face painting, a Christmas party with Santa, and a year-end picnic for the whole family. At the picnic, we keep the fun going with Fun with Playtime Rentals (bouncy castles).

Front View of Teacher Holding an Animal infront of Kindergarten class

Library Program

Preschool student reaching for a book

Reading is an essential aspect of learning and growth. A love for reading can foster a passion for lifelong learning. Students are encouraged to practice their reading.

Once a week, the children will get to return a book and pick a new one from our daycare library. The idea is like an in house field trip where a small library is set up.

The books will rotate out throughout the year so that there are always new options for the kids. Each child will also receive personalized book bags that they can keep the books in and take home with them.